Our desire to work with you…

In Deuteronomy chapter 6, we see that it is the responsibility of parents to teach their children the things of God. It is our desire to help you and work with you to disciple your children. We do this in a number of diffferent ways:

  • In Children’s Church (Kidmo & Lil’ K), we provide the children with a weekly “MAP” booklet. “MAP” stands for “Mission Action Plan”. It is a tool that we hope you use to re-enforce the lessons being taught and it also helps you know what your child is learning during this time. 
  • In Cubbies, we provide parents with a weekly reminder to be posted on the refridgerator to let you know the verse your child should learn for the upcoming week and the basic theme of the lesson.
  • Last month we provided parents of Cubbies with a newsletter called “Parent Pause” to help with their cubbie aged children and we will have this month’s edition Sunday May 17th.
  • A few month’s ago we began providing the “Parent Link”. A newsletter that shows some of the latest trends, movies, etc as well as articles to give you some guidance and tips as you teach your children the things of God. This also has a calendar of children’s activities to keep you current. (This will soon be posted in pdf format on this blog)
  • During family services, we generally provide activity bulletins for young children. Our goal is to have the bulletins correlate with the sermon topic so you can continue the discussion at home or help your child understand.
  • This blog also serves as a way to communicate with you along with you to keep you informed.
  • We provided families with a copy of “Awana Starts at Home” to help you see your role in helping your child succeed in Awana and how vital a role you as the parent play in that. If you did not receive a copy, please let me know and I will get one to you.

We hope you utilize these resources and we are looking at developing and utilizing more resources to help work with you. Please let me know how you are using these resources and if they are beneficial for you. Also how the children’s ministry at Hanover Fellowship can help you disciple your children in the things of God.