Your Child’s Activities

We live in a very busy time and I know that your family and your children are no different. Your children are participating in many activities, sports, school, etc. If your child plays a sport, is in a school performance, testing for a martial arts belt, or whatever, let me know. We care about your children more than just when they are at church activities, we care about them, their interests and what they do. So let me know their schedules and what they are doing, I’d enjoy coming out to watch.

Here is a picture of one of the children’s activities I recently went to see. Here the young man just completed his test for his yellow belt in karate.


Please provide me with a schedule of your child’s activities, or give me advance notice of special events (school plays, belt tests like this, etc.). That will allow me to plan to attend at least one event for your child. I can’t stop by if I don’t know when your child has an activity.

Thank you,

“Commander Bill”