The Yellow Crayon

yellow_crayonHave you seen the yellow crayon on Sunday nights for Awana? Do you know why the crayon is there?

The crayon is there to collect an offering for missions. currently, all of the funds placed in the crayon goes to support the local Awana missionaries. Did you know that the Awana missionaries are faith supported and are not “employees” of Awana? They must raise support for their ministry in the area. That is why we use the money placed in the crayon for their support.

As the club grows and we receive increased funs, then we will expand this offering to support other missionaries like the Porters in Honduras, TenderCare, and others.

There is no set amount to be given, each child is directed to give as they feel led. We hope that parents join in with us in explainnig why it is important to support those who have dedicated their lives to spread the word of God.`

So when you see the yellow crayon, please consider giving toward missions.