Once in a lifetime!

once_in_a_lifetimeHave you ever had a once in a lifetime opportunity?

In the picture to the left, we see two young children whose parents took them to experience a once in a lifetime event, like so many others in the area did.

In the background is one of two large turbine generators that made their way over the roads in the area to replace older ones at a power plant. These turbines traveled at an astounding 3 miles an hour because of their size and ability to maneuver the roadways. This is definitely not something you see everyday. In order to experience this once in a lifetime event, the parents had to have a plan to reach the destination. They needed to know the roads that they would travel to get their children to the destination, they had to have an intentional plan. To complete the experience, the children also had to make a decision to participate and watch the giant load as it passed by. Without that decision, they would miss this once in a lifetime opportunity where the parents had led them.

There is one once in a lifetime opportunity that everyone has a chance to experience. That is coming to know Jesus and trust that He lived a sinless life, died on a cross taking the punishment for our sin (our disobedience to God), rose from the dead and lives with God the Father today in Heaven.

If you are a parent who believes in Jesus, then do you have an intentional plan to teach your child/children about the things of God, so they will know what Jesus has done for them? or do other things in life hold a greater priority in your life? As a follower of Jesus, you should be diligent in leading your child to Christ in your actions and in what you teach your children.

But just like the children needed to decide to get out of the car and experience these large turbines, they are the ones who must decide for themselves to believe what Jesus did for them. We can have an intentional plan to teach them about God, but the decision is still theirs.

The Awana club for the 3rd – 6th grade is called Truth & Training and the handbooks they work through are called the Ultimate Adventure because following Jesus (and knowing you are going to Heaven) is the Ultimate Adventure!!!

I urge you to have an intentional plan to teach your children the things of God and what Jesus has done for them. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, because we only have this life to make that decision, and we never know how long that life will be.