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Ring the bell because school is in session. Join Johnny as he leads us in some higher learning to live out God’s word in our lives. In TEACH, students will learn that applying God’s word starts with right Thinking. Knowledge isn’t enough, we must Exercise what we know in our daily lives. Discover how to Amplify Jesus to those around us through baptism. Every graduate should understand how to Change bad habits and how to Help others. You’ll go on a whirlwind trip from Old School to New School with more wacky KIDMO teachers including Not Exactly Sunday School’s Mrs. Fluffynutter and Compass Points with Lester the Lab Assistant. So professor, put on your spectacles and let’s look a little deeper!

We began with: Think
How to use the Bible.
Matthew 7:24

Nov. 8th: Exercise
Memorizing God’s word into action.
James 1:22

Nov. 15th: Amplify
Baptism is amplifying on the outside what God has done for us on the inside.
Matthew 10:32

Nov. 22nd: Change
When Jesus comes into our life there is a change that takes place.
Philippians 2:13

Nov. 29th: Haul
When I step outside of myself, I can carry other’s burdens.
Galatians 6:3

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