Awana Awards 2010


This is a picture of the awards presented to our Awana clubbers this past Sunday. I generally do not look at stats, because I don’t want to focus on numbers, but as I review the awards and our club, I sit in awe of what was accomplished this year in the Awana ministry.

In Sparks (K-2nd grade), we averaged about 9 children per week and we had 6 children finish a handbook at some point during the year! One clubber finished 2 Handbooks!!!

In T&T (3rd – 5th Grade), of the 5 regular attendees, all 5 completed a handbook this year!!

Not to forget Cubbies (3 & 4 year olds), if they attend faithfully, then they will complete their handbook as they work through the book at the same pace.

And while completing handbooks is a great accomplishment, the most important thing is that they are coming to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus and we see them growing in the Lord.

Awana, it is truly one ministry where you come, get blessed, then go home. A place where you see God doing great things. If you are interested in being a part, feel free to contact me.