Are you Living 24:15?

Last night a new small group designed for families began at the Muller residence. The small group is designed for families to study, fellowship and grow together in the Lord. So you ask, why Living 24:15? Joshua 24:15 says, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. Living 24:15 is designed to help families live that, thus Living 24:15!

The entire family is involved in the evening, to grow in the Lord. So what does an evening consist of? Renee gives us a good synopsis, “Food, fellowship, and learning God’s word…can’t get any better.”

Here are some of the comments made about the first meeting of Living 24:15:

Awesome night at living 24:15!!!! I think all the kids loved it considering no one wanted to leave. Can’t wait until next time!!! – Ashley M

It was great – Sarah R

Great night at “Living 24:15” had a blast I know the kids liked it – Carl M

As the children/youth pastor, my heart rejoices as I see families growing together in the Lord!!! Some may question, doesn’t it compete with your other children’s ministry? My answer is no. As a part of the body of Christ, I do not believe in competing for participants, we are working together to disciple children and support families as they do.  The secular world competes for business, for customers and participants – the market share. As we reach people for Christ, may we never focus on ‘market share” and competing with other ministries, but let us work in unison. The important thing is that people are reached and discipled to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus, not who, or what “program” is used.

Join me in praying for this new LifeGroup, that they may bond, reach out and support one another as they continue to Live 24:15.

So whether you have small children, older youth, no children, or your children have grown, are you Living 24:15?

* Note: All quotes are taken from Facebook posts