Plans for 2011…

As the new year approaches (I know we still have over a month to go!), I want to share with you plans for the children’s ministry at Hanover Fellowship.

1) Ages/Grades of Children’s Ministry – As I look at what age/grade to have children’s ministry run through, the pivotal point is 6th graders and where to place them. We have historically had them in youth. Beginning January 1, 2011, 6th graders will be a part of children’s ministry (Those currently in 6th grade will continue with the youth). This helps us align better with other churches which we are partnering and it also allows us to establish a ministry focused more on the needs of 5th & 6th graders.

2) This Blog – I know I have not kept up on it as I should. In 2011, I will be have a greater focus on using this blog as a means of communication to help keep you involved and to help you disciple your child. I will be updating at least twice per week. Mondays to recap the lessons from Sunday to help give your discussion items with your children through the week, and then by Friday evening to help you prepare for Sunday. That will be the minimum number of posts 🙂

3) Awana – We will maintain a strong emphasis on Awana. The partnership with CABC has been great for both churches, reaching several children and their friends. We will hold our closing program on May 1st @ 6 pm. This will be a celebration of the year that you will not want to miss, so please mark your calendars now to plan to attend.

4) Children’s Church – This no longer called Lil’ K or Kidmo, but rather Kidz Church. We do not always use those materials and so the name change is proper to better reflect the time. I am always reviewing and evaluating other materials and for the elementary aged group, we have used other material than Kidmo and plan to do so in the upcoming year.

5) Vacation Bible School – Tentative Dates, the week of June 19th. I am already evaluating potential curriculum to use.

6) Kingdom Quest Camp – The theme this year is “Boot Camp” and it will be held the first week in August. For children who have completed 3rd – 6th grades. Mark your calendars now. It’ll be a great week.

Is that enough for now? That’s just the beginning!

Keep checking back to keep up to date.