The Symbols of Christmas

Sunday morning was a family service so the children remained in the service to hear Pastor Chuck’s Christmas message. You will be able to listen to it on the church’s main web site, and clicking the media tab on the top.

Sunday evening in Awana, the Sparks and T&T’ers learned about symbols of Christmas.

Jesus spoke in parables and I have always stated that there is a spiritual lesson in everything. Object lessons (today’s parables) are frequently used with children and adults to share spiritual truths. That is what these symbols are. They have no direct connection to the accounts of the birth of Jesus, but they can be used to share spiritual truths with family and friends. You can view and print the 12-Symbols-of-Christmas-Book that was used to help the children focus on Jesus this Christmas season. You can also use it to help you share Jesus with your family and friends along with reading the actual account of His birth.

I will have another post Thursday evening to provide a resource for you as we prepare for the Christmas weekend.