Celebrate Jesus’ Birth!

When we look at Christmas, we focus on the birth of Jesus. Children look with anticipation to their birthday, spending time with family and friends and receiving gifts as they celebrate their birth. Why not do the same with Jesus’ birth? By doing so, you are showing your child that Jesus’ birth is important and you want to celebrate it just like you do theirs. Children will understand that.

Here are some links to age appropriate ways to celebrate Jesus’ birth. While designed for Sunday School classes, they can also work well in a family setting. If you have children that span the different age groups, take a loo at each and adapt as needed.

I pray you have a great Christmas with family and friends, celebrating the earthly birth of our Savior!

Preschool (ages 3-5)1st – 3rd Grade4th – 6th Grade


Merry Christmas!!


(Note that this Sunday, the 26th, will be a family service and there is no Awana so you can celebrate Christmas with family and friends)