Remembering 2010… Preparing for 2011…

This week, we will hear the top ten of almost everything for 2010 and there will be several predictions for 2011. Here are some ideas for you to use with your family this week:

1) Ask each member of the family to write down (or to tell you) their top ten (or whatever number you select) memories from 2010, then see how many match. These are the types of things to plan in 2011.

2) Write down ways that you’ve seen your child grow and mature, then share it with them.

3) Write down ways you’ve seen your child grow spiritually, then share it with them.

4) Write down and keep items 3 & 4, they make great memories and you see your child’s growth over the years.

5) Come up with one or two ways to intentionally have a family time with God and teach your children the things of God. Accountability is key so team up with another family, small group or accountability partner to help keep you on track.

Feel free to post your ideas and how you’ve seen your children grow here.