The Weekend Outlook

It looks like winter is here! The snow is beginning to fall and soon we’ll be able to have a “lazy” snow day (after the sidewalks and driveway is cleared).

This weekend is a full weekend of ministry. Awana returns Sunday night and there will be a “BIG” announcement about next week (January 16), so you’ll want to be there to hear it, or check back here on Tuesday.

This week the preschool Kidz Church will begin the series “Show and Tell”. In this series, the children will learn that God is a marvelous Maker! He made our big world and everything in it.

Sunday is day one and two of creation.

The application for the series? The children will look for things God has made and say, “TADA! Look what God made!”


The elementary Kidz Church will continue in the BLITZ series which is looking at the ten commandments. Have you helped your child learn the 10 Commandments?

Hope to see you Sunday!!!!