T&T March Madness!!!

The end of the Awana year is approaching fast! There are only 7 more weeks of Awana!

Yes, the last night is April 17th with the closing program on May 1st (Easter is the 24th).

March is going to be full of Madness to help the children complete sections and work toward completing their handbooks! Here’s what we have planned!!!

March 6th – For every section passed, the clubber will get a “mini” candy bar for as long as they last (same type of candy as last week)

March 13th – For every section passed the clubber will receive a pack of T&T Trading Cards!

March 20th -Pie the Commander Night! If everyone passes at least one section, then Commander Bill will get two whipped cream pies in the face!! The clubber who passes the most sections in the Ultimate Adventure club and the Ultimate Challenge club will be the one to put the pie in Commander Bill’s face! So be sure to come prepared!

Friday, March 25th – 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm – A special Friday night where we will focus on passing sections, playing games, pizza and maybe watching a  movie! A fun night just for the T&T clubbers!

March 27th -Silly String Night! Everyone who completes at least 2 sections will get a can of silly string to shoot at Commander Bill!

So as you can see, Commander Bill has gone crazy! It’s March Madness!!!!

This is just for the children in T&T, The parent section (section 0) does not count for the sections completed for the various items.