Have You Seen Mr. Potato Head Lately?


Yes, you may have seen Mr. Potato head somewhere and thought about how much fun it is to re-arrange his face and do all kinds of things to him. Well this Sunday, Nov. 13th, is Potato Pet night. Find your favorite spud and decorate it any way you want. It doesn’t have to be a “pet”, it can be anything, like “Spudnik”. Have fun with it!!

This is for Sparks and T&T and their leaders. Potato pets will be judged and the best spud in Sparks, T&T and the leaders will win a prize (to be determined, but it will be worth getting). So get off the couch!

Have fun with this and I look forward to seeing your creativity and all the potato pets there. It makes me miss my pet rock 🙁

Oh, and for those who were wondering, this does not count for the bring a friend section 🙂