Are you living in Mineville?

In the elementary KidzChurch this past Sunday we learning that all “stuff” belongs to God and He entrusts us with them. We talked about the church in Macedonia that “…  gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability…” (2 Corinthians 8:3-4, NIV84).

I’m reminded of a service when I was in college where the Holy Spirit moved among us and several students went back to their dorm rooms and presented to God things that they were holding onto. Things they had not yielded to God. The items brought represented a wide range of items.

I brought a toy truck. A tractor-trailer, an 18-wheeler. Sounds simple, but people that knew me knew that I was over protective of the trucks I had there and generally “my stuff”.  I was living in “Mineville”. These things were mine and no one else’s, so you better leave them alone. From that point on, I had a realization that everything I had, God had provided for me and entrusted me to use it for His glory. No, I’m not always successful in that, but I have moved out of “Mineville”. I realize that the “stuff” I have belongs to God.

Some may interpret the giving heart to mean that we live in very modest means, giving everything away. That is not true. It’s okay to have “stuff”, but if we see it as “our stuff”, it is an incorrect view. It is “God’s Stuff”.

Do you have a giving heart? Are you living in “Mineville”?

How do you view the facilities Hanover Fellowship has been entrusted with? Do you view them as Hanover Fellowship’s, or as God’s that we’ve been entrusted with?

The children were challenged to pray, asking for a giving heart and also to try to find someone in need that they could give to, because the church gives, showing God’s Love.

Are you up to this challenge?