As I mentioned yesterday, I am not a “big” VBS fan. I don’t want to do something because that’s traditionally what churches are supposed to do. I want to do something that will effective and if the VBS is effective, then I have no problem holding them. We don’t need a VBS to disciple our children, they have a number of options in the area for that and then that church can talk about how they are reaching the community when our children attend and we can use our resources more effectively.

This summer we will be trying to reach the community by using a 2-part approach:

One will be the week long intense program traditionally known as VBS. We will be using the Sonrise National Park material. This was selected in part because our Discovery Woods goes nicely with the theme. But more importantly…

Two, we will have a weekly program called Summit Seekers that dove-tails off of the Sonrise National Park theme. We will encourage the children to attend one night each week for Summit Seekers which prayerfully will lead into them attending the weekly activities when they begin in the fall.

Tie this into what is being planned for a new type of family service (I’ll be sharing more about that soon) and I believe we will begin to reach many families in the area.

Do you believe that we can have 60 children attending during the summer? (I do) If we do, are we ready to minister to them effectively? What if only 25% or 15 of those children and their families began attending activities in the fall, are we ready to handle that growth?

For this to be effective, we need people to step up and be involved, ready to accept new families and growth. Are you willing to serve this summer? Are you ready to be a part of what I believe God will do this summer and into the fall?

There are many opportunities to serve. If you are interested in serving this summer, please contact Pastor Bill.