What’s Happening in KidzChurch?

The short answer….. A LOT!

This past Sunday, the preschool children joined the elementary aged children for a time of singing before they headed to the blanket fort for their lesson.

The elementary aged children are learning about responsibility this month. This week we learned to be responsible with our words. Using cotton swabs and straws (shooting the swab through the straw), we learned that words are like darts… once they are said (shot out), they cannot be returned and they can be hurtful, or helpful. We need to be responsible with our words.

There are several ways for you to see what your child is learning in elementary KidzChurch. There’s even an app for that!!!! If you’re interested in the app, then go to your app store and search for ParentCue. I’ll be sharing other ways in the near future as we progress with this new strategy.




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