Be Part of the Solution

20130217_082745Today in KidzChurch we continued on the theme of peace. I stacked the cups about an hour prior to the worship service starting and I was surprised to see the the tower was untouched until KidzChurch.

So you wonder why they are there? It is all part of the lesson. The cups represent “peace”. Children were selected to defend and protect the peace (to be part of the solution). Other children were given balls to throw at the cups, trying to knock them down.

The point?

1) Some people are out there just trying to take your peace away from you. They are “throwing things” and doing things to disrupt that peace. People also take joy in taking your peace away from.

2) Like those trying to block the balls and protect the cup of stacks (peace), there are people who work to bring about peace. Though people often try to by pass them, or abuse them (one child got hit in the forehead defending the stack), people are there to try to encourage and protect the peace. It’s not always an easy job and you may not always be successful doing it. They also learned that no matter how big or small they are, they can be part of the solution.

3) Yes, the stack of cups (peace) was “destroyed” and then the children learned that to restore peace, people must work together to rebuild that peace as they worked together to rebuild the stack of cups. The stack may not appear the same as it did before, but peace would have been re-established. Some people who helped destroy the peace may walk away and not want to part of the peace being re-established.

Ultimately, we need to not focus on what others did, but focus on ourselves and if what we are doing is bringing glory to God.

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