Are you waiting well?

waiting_wellToday families with children in KidzChurch received a Waiting Well. A small container used to help the family learn to wait well. Here’s the description from the web site:

Think you can’t wait? Just cool down and put it on ice … literally! The Waiting Well is a small cylinder in which parents can place something like a picture or tickets that reveal a fun family activity. In advance, a parent freezes the cylinder inside a water-filled, re-sealable bag. Then, at the appointed time, they pull it out of the freezer … and let the waiting begin!

Kids can help find creative ways to wait, from a family game to a nature walk or bike ride. When the ice melts enough to open the Waiting Well, it’s time to go!

Here is a video that will help explain how to use this month’s widget:

Enjoy this month’s widget. You can click here for instructions on how to use it, or visit

(Tell us how you used the waiting well)