Fear Not!

In October, there is a lot of attention given to things that are “spooky” and may cause fear. It can even be scary when it comes to God. Frequently as God, or angels, appear to men, the first thing they say is , “Fear not”.

shepherds-0017When Jesus was born, angels appeared to the shepherds in the field and the  first thing they said was “fear not” (Luke 2:10). Imagine being somewhere when an angel appears to you. How would you react? After all, it isn’t everyday that you see an angel so naturally there may be some fear as you may not be sure what has appeared before you. I’m sure that the shepherds were surprised and a little scared that silent night.

As you see demons, devils and other scary things, fear not, for God defeats the evil, bad, things. Believe in God and what God did for you. If you have questions about God, please contact us (with your parent’s permission if you’re a child) and we’ll be glad to answer them for you.


Look to see how many times the phrase “Fear not” appears in the Bible.

King James Version / English Standard Version