Jesus or Santa, is either one real?

Yes, it is the time of year when adults tell children about Santa Claus. Parents “use” Santa to get children to behave, but if we teach children about Santa and also about Jesus, will they be able to differentiate between the two?

jesusandsantaI saw a comment on Facebook in the midst of a discussion. The parent wrote, “But [we] agreed that she will let Santa be alive for 5 yrs and I’m not denying [her] from Jesus but I want to see her write letters to Santa”. I do not know this person, but as I read this comment, I have to question how important Jesus is to them if it is more important to have them build a relationship with Santa during this most impressionable time as they seemingly put Jesus on the side for now.

Do you have your child “believe” in Santa?

Do you want your child to believe in Jesus?

When your child begins to question Santa’s existence, what will you tell them?

When your child begins to question Jesus’ existence, what will you tell them?

This video shows us how Santa and Jesus are very similar, yet so very different…..

How do you handle Santa, and what do you do when you child questions the existence of Santa, and of Jesus?