Forgiveness – Week 3.1

A Tale of Two Brothers – Luke 15:11-32


A man had two sons, one served his father faithfully, one wanted his father’s money so he could leave home and live as he wanted.

The son who left home and lived as he wanted made many bad decisions. He got a lot of friends who enjoyed spending time with him when he would have parties and buy things for them. He didn’t do any work and and soon, his money ran out and his friends left him left as well because they really weren’t his friends. They just liked to get things from him. He soon realized that he shouldn’t have left his father and should have continued to serve him.

This son decided to go home worried about what his father would do to him. Well the father had been wondering how his son was doing and so when the father saw his son coming, he actually ran to greet him! He welcomed him and forgave him for leaving and threw a party happy because his son had returned.

That’s how God is with us. Sometimes we stop doing what God wants us to do and do what we want. It doesn’t usually turn out good, but when we come back, asking His forgiveness, wanting to live for Him. Then God welcomes us back with open arms and celebrates. God forgives.

But the older brother wasn’t so forgiving. He had been serving and been faithful to his father and was mad that his younger brother received a party and he did not. Are you ever upset because someone gets something you should have? Do you have a hard time forgiving others?

It can be difficult, but God forgives us when we do bad things, and we need to forgive others, even if we don’t think it is fair.

Here’s a short video retelling the story that may help you understand as well.