Forgiveness – Week 4.1

Take a minute and read Matthew 18:21-36.

14MAR_BL3_InstagramVectorIt is the story of a servant who owed someone a lot of money. When it was time to pay it back, he wasn’t able to and asked for patience because he would repay. The man was forgiven of what he owed. That means that even though he didn’t pay, he no longer had to, the debt was erased. The man was very happy.

Later, this man saw someone who owed him a little bit of money and demanded that it be paid, even though he himself had a much greater debt forgiven.

This account of forgiveness tells us about God. God forgives us of a debt we cannot pay when we believe Jesus died on the cross for our disobedience (sin). As we have received that forgiveness from God, we should also forgive others. If we cannot forgive others, then the love of God is not in us.

Are you holding on to anger? Do you need to forgive someone for something they did? Forgive them now and experience God’s peace.

You can watch the story from Matthew 18 below…