Humility – The Greatest Example

humility_14APR_BL3This past week, we remembered the last week Jesus walked the Earth as a man. He went through a lot of hard times.

  • He had a friend turn Him over to people who wanted to kill Him
  • He had others who ran away in fear when he was arrested
  • Another close friend told people that they didn’t know Jesus, not once, but 3 times!
  • Even though they could find nothing that He did to break any laws, a large group of people still yelled out for Him to die
  • He was beaten really bad
  • He was killed in a public setting

Yet after all that had been done to Him, by so many people, as Jesus was dying on the cross, he took time to forgive them. Luke 23:34 tells us that Jesus said, β€œFather, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”


He came to Earth, knowing that this was His ultimate purpose, why He had come to Earth as a man. To show us how to live, and also to take our place, my place and your place, just like He took Barabbas’ place, dying because of our sin and being separated from God.

But being God, Jesus did not stay dead! On Easter Sunday, we remember that He was alive! And He is still alive today, changing lives.

Romans chapter 6 is a great chapter to read with your parents today. It talks about how we should no longer disobey God (sin) because when we believe Jesus died on the cross for us, then we have died to that disobedience. Yea, we still disobey and sin, but we should do our best not to and when we do, we should ask for forgiveness from God.

I pray this Easter isn’t just about chocolate bunnies and eggs, but that it is about Jesus and how He suffered for you.

This month we’re talking about humility. We should put others first, because Jesus put us first. There is no greater way to do that, then the way Jesus showed us.

Jesus went through some really hard times and was able to forgive those who made it hard. Sometimes we may go through some hard times, a friend tells a lie about us, or tells a secret you told them. It can be hard to be humble and put others first, especially if they’ve been mean to us. When that happens, take time and pray for strength to be humble, to forgive them and put them first. Yea, I know it is hard, but it will give you a peace you can’t explain. I know….. I’ve had to do it πŸ™‚