Minecraft Lesson: In the Beginning

I just started “playing” Minecraft, yes, I’m a newbie. I realized that several children in my ministry were playing and so in an attempt to relate to them, I decided to look at it closer. I soon discovered that there are several spiritual applications that could be made from Minecraft. This is the beginning of a series of lessons from Minecraft. Some lessons will be brief and basic, others may have more detail. My prayer is that it helps children learn about God.


The Bible begins in the book of Genesis with the beginning of the world as we know it. It simply starts out with the words, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”

minecraft_beginningWhen one begins a game on Minecraft, you don’t think about who makes the world you are about to enter. Many people may feel the same way about the Earth. Most people do not think about how it got here.

With Minecraft, you do not know how the world is created. Yes, one can say that the world was created by intelligent design, created by a developer who planned it out. Or you could believe that your electronic device just randomly began to gather things together to create the world randomly. Many believe that is how the earth came to be. Things just randomly came together to create the world we know today.

As I began, the Bible tells us the God created. An intelligent Being planned and put the world together for man to live. Once man entered the world, man began interacting with the world that was created.

The next time you begin to play Minecraft, think about that. The world was created by an intelligent being for you to enjoy, which can be a reminder that the Earth was created by an intelligent Being (God), for man to enjoy.

That is the initial lesson, God created. There was a plan from the beginning.