Minecraft Lessons: The Christian Life

As I continue to play Minecraft PE, I see “parables” all throughout the game. Some are simply observations that have nothing to do with the game play, but rather things I’ve noticed, or can gather from the game. Today is one of those times…..

minecraft_churchI recently switched from the creative mode to survival mode, and I began to see a correlation to the Christian life, or the perception of how it should be.

In creative mode, you have a full inventory of tools and you can get more with little, or no adversity. he light is always shining, it never gets dark. I think many people believe that this is how a life following Christ should be. After all, the Bible says that God will provide all our needs, Jesus is the Light and His yoke is easy, and burden light. People read their short daily devotional that seldom, if ever talks about conflict, they usually talk about love, relating to others, and how God cares for us.

In reality, the Christian life is more like survival mode. Yes, God is with us, but we don’t have a full inventory automatically. We need to do our part. It is not always light. There is darkness in this world and from that darkness comes adversity (zombies, creepers, etc). They come to destroy. We must walk in the light, and be able to defend our faith, standing strong on the Word of God.

Yes, the Christian life is not always easy, like survivor mode, Jesus tells us that frequently in the Bible. God never tells us that life here on earth will be easy, like in creative mode, that is a lie that many believe.