In the Beginning … A Tale of Two Paths


There are many decisions that we make in our lives. The decisions that we make have consequences. If we make wise decisions, the outcome is usually good. If we make bad decisions, then what happens is usually bad.

Here is a story about two people that began on similar paths, but soon they were very different.

Which path will you take?

There were two boys who were both taken to church by their parents. One had friends in the church and continued to be taken to church by his parents. When he got older, he chose to attend church on his own, even if his parents were not going. He later attended a Bible college, keeping himself surrounded by people that would help him grow closer to God and make wise decisions. He is serving God today.

The second boy had something major happen in his life. His parents separated and got divorced. This young boy had to choose who to live with, his mother or his father. That’s a hard choice to make at any age. He did not attend church much after that and he began to be around people who were not making wise decisions. These friends influenced him to also make poor decisions. His life was a mess. After many really bad decisions, he began to make wise ones. He realized he was making poor decisions and someone helped him to begin to make wise decisions.

The first wise decision he made was to start going back to church, where along with people helping him make wise decisions, he began to follow Jesus. He is serving God today.

Even though the first boy began to follow Jesus at a young age, and the second one began to follow Jesus after he was an adult, they both had a “new beginning” in Jesus. When you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins (disobedience to God), then 2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that we are a new creation, the old has gone and all things become new! When you believe in Jesus, there IS a change in your life that people will see.

There may still be consequences from things you did before, but Jesus sees you as clean.

Even if you “grow up in the church”, it does not mean you are going to heaven. Some of you will choose the wrong path and not follow God. But know that if you do walk away and make bad decisions, God is always reaching out to you. I pray that you follow the path similar to the first boy, and not the second.

The decision is yours. Which path will you choose?