Minecraft: Creation

One of the lessons in our curriculum was about the age of the Earth and how science makes some assumptions. One of the points made was how radiometric dating can be flawed because of it’s assumptions. I used screenshots of Minecraft to help explain the age of the Earth as found in Genesis.Here is a synopsis of that lesson:

Genesis 1:1 tells us that in the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. Following the Biblical account, that makes the Earth just a few thousand years old compared to the billions of years that scientist suggest. The primary reason for the discrepancy is how it all started. Science does not allow for things to be “started” (or created) by supernatural (God) means. For purposes of the lesson, we will look at the Biblical account. First question…. how old were Adam and Eve when God created them?

No, it is not a trick question. They would have probably appeared to have been adults and older since apparently Adam had the ability to speak, and intelligence to name the animals. Not something an infant would possess. So when asked to date them, one might say in their 20’s or so when in reality they would have been just a few moments old. So let’s look at Minecraft to help explain this….

mc01  mc02

Minecraft has gained popularity because of the ability to create your own world. In order to begin the game one must click the button “Create World”. Once you click that button, then in a matter of seconds you have an entirely new world. Depending upon your settings, it may contain people, villages and more.


Here we have a screenshot of the world that was just created. Land, mountains, and waterways are clearly defined. We can see vegetation (trees and plants) of all different sizes. If we were to cut one of the trees down and count how many rings were in them, do you think that we would see just the one ring since it was just created, or would there be many rings which by today’s scientific methods and knowledge would indicate that the tree was several years old? If one would walk through this world, then they would estimate that by a visual look that it would have been there for several years even though it was brand new.


As we explore this newly created world even more by going into caverns and doing a little “digging”, we begin to see mineral and items that science tells us are made by several years of pressure.

The question becomes what happened at the beginning of the Earth? If we plant a tree and watch it grow, tracking its age, then cut it down and count the rings, science will confirm its age. If we encounter a tree that we do not know when it was planted, then the assumption is that we can tell how old it is by cutting it down and counting rings, so science has validity, but the flaw is that science believes that everything has such a clean beginning, but since no one was present when the earth was “born”, we cannot know what state trees, rocks, etc were and consequently as we study billions of years, or even thousands, no one knows the actual origin. Here is a video that talks about one of the dating methods used by science and the assumptions that they make….

The Bible says God created, science believes that there is no creator, it just began. So scientific dating methods must begin from “0”, when creation could have things “beginning” already aged, like we see when a Minecraft world is created.If man can create a world that is already formed, then why couldn’t God do the same.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”. I believe that to be true, how about you?


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