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Give Thanks

November is a month where we focus on giving thanks. But why is it important to give thanks? Simply because the Bible says so… give thanks in all circumstances;…. 1 Thessalonians 5:18a Paul writes to the people of Thessalonica that they should give thanks in all things, good and bad. It can be hard to […]

Minecraft Lessons: The Light

Continuing in my series on spiritual lessons from Minecraft, today we look at one of the early lessons you learn in Minecraft. In survival mode, there is day time and night time. Light and dark. The zombies, creepers and mobs spawn in the darkness, they do not spawn where there is light. You can read […]

Minecraft Lessons: The Christian Life

As I continue to play Minecraft PE, I see “parables” all throughout the game. Some are simply observations that have nothing to do with the game play, but rather things I’ve noticed, or can gather from the game. Today is one of those times….. I recently switched from the creative mode to survival mode, and […]