Family Worship Experience

What is a Family Worship Experience?

What does your family worship service look like? Do you sing the same songs as a typical adult service? Is the message geared toward the adults or the children?

In a church where I served as the children/youth pastor, we held a monthly family service. The songs were the typical songs you’d sing on a typical Sunday morning, though the message was slightly shorter and at first, the pastor tried to gear it to adults and children. I even provided a children’s bulletin to try to keep the children engaged during the message. As time went on, I found that the children were not engaged in any part of the service! I knew there must be a better way.

What I proposed was radical. A service geared toward the children, that would engage all generations. The result, a unique experience where children led the songs with motions and then a message was presented using a skit, a message and other media to share God’s Word that was engaging for all generations. Below are videos from various family services.

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