Scripture Memory Games

We know that memorizing Scripture can be difficult and children memorize better using different methods. With that in mind, there are several tools to help you memorize Scripture.

ImpressKids_Logo_FullCLROne that I recommend highly is called Impress Kids. Using online games, it helps you memorize Scripture and even compete with others. It can used for Awana, Sunday School, or any other program you use to encourage children and others to memorize God’s Word. Please visit Commander Bill’s Place at Impress Kids to try it out and if there is a verse you’d like to see in action, let me know the reference and version you’d prefer and I can add it for you to try.

Some activities are open to everyone, however most activities can only be seen/done when your child is logged in to the site. Registration is free, but you must get an invitation from Pastor Bill and use the code provided.