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Humility – Week 1.1

You may like to go to a restaurant to eat. It can be relaxing as we’re not the ones who have to do the cooking, serving, cleaning, etc. We go, they usually show us to a table and serve us. They are not worried about themselves, but rather they want to make your experience pleasant. […]

Are you waiting well?

Today families with children in KidzChurch received a Waiting Well. A small container used to help the family learn to wait well. Here’s the description from the web site: Think you can’t wait? Just cool down and put it on ice … literally! The Waiting Well is a small cylinder in which parents can place […]

May’s Life App is……

From the very beginning, God has shown patience with people. All the way back in the garden, when Adam and Eve first chose their own way instead of God’s, God started His plan to give all of us a chance to come back to Him. And time and again, God is patient with us when […]

Be Part of the Solution

Today in KidzChurch we continued on the theme of peace. I stacked the cups about an hour prior to the worship service starting and I was surprised to see the the tower was untouched until KidzChurch. So you wonder why they are there? It is all part of the lesson. The cups represent “peace”. Children […]